RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS enabling electrification in remote locations.  


Supporting the relentless drive to achieve carbon neutrality, and to lower CO2 emissions, the VOLT4 renewable energy technology provides system level monitoring and control for off grid and grid connected applications.


VOLT4 offer scalable environmentally sustainable solutions, that can be optimised for local environmental conditions including harsh climates.


VOLT4 Energy storage monitoring platforms are available for both Lithium based batteries and the emerging carbon power capacitor technology, that lends itself to deployment in extreme climates from -40ºC to +85ºC, working environments where conventional lithium batteries can be problematic.


The term Battery Management System or BMS is now a familiar concept. An electronic device distributes the energy across a bank of cells providing automatic cell protection and ensuring that cell groups remain at a similar voltage or State of Charge (SoC). 


An Energy Storage Management System goes one stage further and plays a critical role in maximising the life of an energy storage system. The VOLT4 designs provide safety and control at cell group level and battery module level all the way up to data aggregation at battery bank level. VOLT4 platforms communicate with external systems to provide alerts and cell level diagnostic information that is vital for safe long term energy storage applications. 

Additional server software has been designed to collate System State Data over time. This information becomes invaluable knowledge over the lifetime of a system. 

  • Historical System Status

  • Under/Over Voltage events

  • Temperature variation irregularities

  • Early cell group failure warning

  • DC metering and Billing data

System State information in real-time is made available using a Smartphone App Framework.

Data aggregation and system state analysis can be customised for specific end user requirements and made available on a closed TCP/IP network or made accessible via the cloud.  


VOLT4 provides API’s and communication options for third party devices and systems including solar regulators and inverters. 


  • Multi level access control

  • Configurable System State alerts notifications

  • End User Interface Options

  • Power usage metering

  • Energy Billing




Edge computing is the preferred option to process time-sensitive data, whilst cloud computing is mostly chosen to process data that is not time-driven and benefits from centralisation and big data analytics.


Edge computing is often the preferred approach over cloud computing in remote locations, where there is only limited or no connectivity to a centralised or cloud location. It is often the case that if there is no reliable connection, there is no electrical grid power, or the power that is available is only intermittent.


For applications where Edge Computing makes sense such as Ai, it's important to source a power supply and network gateway that can be sustained by alternative energy sources. Such a system should be able to connect periodically with the Internet using some form of connectivity. The system also needs to be self managed, with mass data storage and be able to gracefully shutdown and restart processes as required.

VOLT4 offer such a device in the ARGUS and ARGUS Pro Platforms.