VOLT4 develop software for applications requiring remotely deployed devices in an Edge Computing environment. VOLT4 Software is designed to function independently or cloud connected. Network configurations are available to suit the clients specific requirements, cloud or on-premise server, wider area network (WAN) or closed private networks (LAN).


VOLT4 Ai software is developed on the principle of Deep Learning. The VOLT4 software can be trained to classify data from any digital or sensory data input.

The VOLT4 AI solution is fundamentally different when compared with classic machine vision algorithms, and can be applied across a range of industrial sectors where quality control is presently reliant on a controlled environment, and requires skilled human intervention to maintain standards.

This video shows a Vehicle Make and Model Recognition applications demonstrating the potential benefits of edge computing for vehicle recognition at sites where internet connectivity may be limited by bandwidth or intermittent connectivity.


VOLT4 design and maintain data visualisation software for remote Energy Storage Systems. 


The software may be hosted by one of the VOLT4 electronic platforms, or be configured for an existing system.  VOLT4 focus on acquiring system state data from remotely deployed alternative energy and grid connected energy storage platforms.


The software products are designed to work in a Cloud connected or Private Network domain, and VOLT4 system state and management software can be optimised for specific client requirements from simple desktop to multi level mobile device APP UI’s.

Monitoring app