VOLT4 energy platforms are aimed at renewable energy applications. The platform architecture provides for both standalone off-grid scenarios and grid connected systems. 


Depending on the application, grid connected systems can either be configured to provide backup power via smart power arbitration or grid feed-in for micro-grid and solar farm applications. 


All VOLT4 platforms offer fully managed scaleable energy storage options, including Lithium Ion Battery, LiFEP04 and Carbon Power Capacitors that are especially suited to harsh environments


A platform for managing power and power arbitration between energy sources and off-grid energy storage options. It is designed for radio and network devices, targeting applications where conventional grid power is either not reliable, too far away or just too costly to deliver.


A platform that provides system state information and management controls for remotely deployed energy storage units. It is a scalable concept for Lithium Batteries or emerging SuperCapacitors. The TITAN platform consists of parameters sensing module, centralised management and data aggregation modules for easy integration on existing energy storage devices.