Edge Computing provides an opportunity to ‘do more with less’. Relatively low power consumption microprocessors now allow for complex computing on the edge where automated decision making does not require, or maybe not in reach of a cloud server. Such systems require SSD data storage and an electronic platform that has been designed to both operate exclusively from alternative energy but at the same time offer 


  • A managed power supply for a sensitive CPU

  • Oversee the functionality and monitor the CPU activity

  • Conditionally restart the CPU as required

  • Managed 4G/LTE communications

  • VPN certification managemt

  • 1TB SSD

  • Configurable to support your software in the field


An entry level platform for remote computing.

A light weight compact system, well suited for rapid deployment where grid power and connectivity are unavailable.


An advanced platform providing opportunities for Edge Computing and Ai in remote locations, where grid power and connectivity are unavailable.


The modiCAM® is a great example of ARGUS platform deployment.

An innovative surveillance solution for intermittent power supplies.


VOLT4 bespoke software solutions focus on artificial intelligence and data analysis that seamlessly integrates with VOLT4 platforms.


The VOLT4 ARGUS electronic platform is the core of our gateway products.

Adaptable to suit a wide range of 

applications, and thanks to the fully 

integrated design, it allows for reliable operations whilst using minimal system energy consumption.