The Volt4 artificial intelligence data analysis software is based on a deep learning neuronal network.


Combined with various other techniques the software can be trained to classify any digital or sensor data.

The Volt4 AI solution is fundamentally different when compared with classic machine vision algorithms.

The Volt4 software application is designed for classification of European vehicles by make and model based on a still images or a video stream. In this demo version only one car per image is possible. The vehicle should fill as much of the picture as possible. 
  •  Deep Learning software supports images of any resolution

  • Totally independent of camera angle.

  • Recognises vehicles if the images are taken from the front, back, side, above or in any other intermediate perspective.

  • Recognition rate of over 99% tested by a test dataset with 100,000 randomly selected vehicles.

  • Recognition is achieved if only distinctive parts of the vehicle are visible. People or objects obscuring parts of the vehicle do not hinder the system from detecting the vehicle.   

Check the current vehicle database

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