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VOLT4 works closely with partner companies to provide cost effective solutions.


We offer cutting edge bespoke video analytic AI software and advanced electronic battery backed communications hardware enabling seamless cloud connectivity from remote locations. 


Michael Hulbert

CEO & Founder

Mike is the founder of VOLT4 and creator of the ARGUS Platform. An accomplished yachtsman with hands-on experience of alternative energy power sources and battery management technology. Mike is at the helm of VOLT4 and always ready to discuss matters ranging from Artificial Intelligence object recognition software to applications requiring remote power management.

Susan Wrigley

Business Development

Susan has a background in automotive engineering and injection moulding design through to production. As an experienced Project Manager Susan has more than 30 years of industry experience in Germany, Australia and the UK. Susan is a keen cyclist in the summer and skier in the winter, with a number of long distance running achievements under her belt, lets just say she likes the great outdoors.

Ermanno Antonelli

Technical Director

Ermanno has gained more than 25 years of experience in IT, Industrial electronics and the telecommunications business. Ermanno holds degrees in both Electronics Engineering and Physics. Ermanno bring’s with him extensive hands-on engineering expertise as well as real world systems knowledge. Having lived and worked in several EU countries Ermanno enjoys a wealth of knowledge and as such is a key member of the VOLT4 team.

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