Self Managed Intelligent Energy Platforms

We bring together disruptive new technologies enabling power saving efficiencies that contribute towards an energy efficient zero carbon future.


At VOLT4 we believe in striving ‘to do more with less’


Our systems are modular, self-managed devices, they feature low power embedded smart technology, ensuring reliability even in the harshest environments.


We design and build intelligent cost effective systems to support Network Devices.

Our solutions range from entry level DC/ PoE off-grid power sources, up to sophisticated Edge Computing Platforms, designed to host the next generation of distributed Artificial Intelligence software.


VOLT4 offers a range of 'GoTo' solutions for off grid energy applications, with scalable power and a wide range of features.

VOLT4 enables our customers to focus on their client application needs and not energy management.


A cost effective off-grid power source, modular by design, offering support to multiple IEEE compliant or non-compliant devices.


A platform offering power arbitration between hybrid sources.

A light weight compact system well suited for rapid deployment.


Provides opportunities for edge computing and Ai in remote locations, where grid power may be intermittent or unavailable.


The VOLT4 tried and tested hardware & software platforms allows you, the customer, to focus your time and energy on your applications and your customers needs. Our solutions are modular by design. The platform architecture is supported by a range of Plug & Play modules enabling cost effective connectivity to external devices. With our technologies, our support ranges from the simplest Radio HotSpot, up to the more demanding off-grid, distributed Ai applications. 

You will benefit from “over-the-air” updates, VPN and other features that will save you time, reduce cost and increase security.

Object Reconition,classification and tracking


Edge Computing

Object Recognition

 Track and Trace